Find and order books from all publishers

At Bokinfo you can find print books, audiobooks and e-books from all Swedish publishing houses. There are also titles from universities and associations, and self-published titles. Each title is presented with an image, text, subject classification, and so on. You can quickly see if the book is in stock, how much it costs and who is selling it. The publishers update the information daily so it is always up-to-date.

Order via the internet or via file
It is easy to order via Bokinfo. You place the order via our website or your own system. We divide up the order and send it on to the various distributors. You get a confirmation that the order went out as soon as the distributor received it.

Development together with the industry
Our mission is to simplify and streamline the book trade. We work constantly on improvements together with the publishers and booksellers. We are also members of international working groups that are developing metadata on books. 

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The fee is SEK 500/month. Separate prices apply for online booksellers. Contact us for more information.

Before you start ordering via Bokinfo you must register as a customer of the following distributors:

  • Förlagssystem
  • Norstedts Förlagsgrupp
  • Bonnierförlagen
  • StjärnDistribution
  • Studentlitteratur
  • Publit